Ywam? DTS? What’s all this about….

Ywam stands for Youth With A Mission.  It is an evangelical, inter-domintional, non-profit, christian, missionary organisation.  Started in 1960 and there are bases spread across 180 nations.

DTS stands for Discipleship Training School.

It is a full time course for 5-6 months that consists of two parts.  The lecture phase and the outreach phase.

The Lecture phase focuses on learning more about God and his word, through community living and practical training.

The Outreach phase focuses on applying what you have learnt in the classroom through an intense cross-cultural experience.

DTS’s are held in over 200 locations across the world and we have chosen Chile in South America do ours.

We have to financially support ourselves during this time (savings, fundraising or sponsorship).

Your support, through encouragement, prayer and /or financial would be amazing.

Feel free to ask any questions and love to stay in touch……6 months will feel like forever!


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