Meet Me….Amaya Rose Jeffers



My name is Amaya and I’m 8 years old.

I absolutely love horse riding. I do riding lessons at Wongabilla Equestrian Centre in Darwin.

My favourite colours are green and blue.

My favourite food is lasagne and fish fingers.

I am the middle child (I have an older and younger sister).

I just finished year 3 at Marrara Christian College and my favourite subject was writing stories and science.

Today it is Christmas Day and we are in Argentina!!!☃️🎄

Follow my blog and see more of my adventures.

See me above horse riding along Lake Bueno Aires in Argentina.  I loved my black horse, it was the best day ever!

See me below at a massive glacier called Perito Moreno.  We went on a boat ride up close and could see big chunks of ice falling into the water.  They made a very loud sound!  Very windy but so so stunning!



8 thoughts on “Meet Me….Amaya Rose Jeffers

  1. Hey sweet girl – so lovely to see you come up in my feed.
    It’s so funny to see you all bundled up in warm clothes – you look like a pretty little Eskimo 😘
    It looks so beautiful where you are – and so different from anything you’ve seen before.
    Sounds like you’re having an amazing time!
    Happy Christmas my darling 🎄👑❤
    Love you to the moon and back xxx


  2. Hi Amaya! I just found your amazing story about your adventure in Chile! I hope Santa found you on Christmas Day! I love reading about what your doing each day! How’s home schooling?love you heaps love from Nanny Jan n B


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