Chile & Argentina

Hola! How are you all? We have been driving a lot lately. The longest drive yet was 10.5 hours!

We have seen massive glaciers called Colgante & Perito Moreno we have also seen lots of snow capped mountains & volcanos. I have been horse riding & tried the best cherries ever!

Christmas smaller but still the same! On Christmas Day  we woke up and opened up presents. Then we had a delicious snack.  After that we went to a crépe place and waffle place.  At the waffle place we got a waffle explosion, it was loads of chocolate & ice-cream on 2 waffles! YUM!!!!! We went to a nice restaurant for dinner and I got ravioli. Then on Boxing Day we drove for 7-8 hours!

Right now I’m in Puerto Montt(back where we started) staying with a friend who have these gorgeous German shepherd puppies called Polo & Pola.

Now we are in Ensenada in 2 cabins on a massive lake – Happy New Year!

Next were off to Ywam!!!

                      Written by Elissa Jeffers



4 thoughts on “Chile & Argentina

  1. Hi Elissa,
    So great to hear about your travels 😊I’ve never seen a glacier – it must have been awesome! Hope you’re taking lots of photos.
    Not much fun doing long drives but you see a lot (when you’re not watching movies 😘)
    Love you lots ❤


  2. Sounds like a very small but very nice Christmas and New Years. He cabin on the lake sounds fun, did they also do some fireworks for New Years?
    Glad your having fun, miss you and can’t wait to hear all about your adventures when you return.. love you!


  3. Hi Elissa! I just found your latest blog! So great to hear all about your Christmas and horse riding etc. I hope you enjoy your next part of the adventure at YWAM! Look forward to heRing all about your new home and homeschooling M lots of hugs and kisses from Nanny jan n B
    Ps has Isla written her blog yet!


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