Chile & Argentina

Hola! How are you all? We have been driving a lot lately. The longest drive yet was 10.5 hours!

We have seen massive glaciers called Colgante & Perito Moreno we have also seen lots of snow capped mountains & volcanos. I have been horse riding & tried the best cherries ever!

Christmas smaller but still the same! On Christmas Day  we woke up and opened up presents. Then we had a delicious snack.  After that we went to a crépe place and waffle place.  At the waffle place we got a waffle explosion, it was loads of chocolate & ice-cream on 2 waffles! YUM!!!!! We went to a nice restaurant for dinner and I got ravioli. Then on Boxing Day we drove for 7-8 hours!

Right now I’m in Puerto Montt(back where we started) staying with a friend who have these gorgeous German shepherd puppies called Polo & Pola.

Now we are in Ensenada in 2 cabins on a massive lake – Happy New Year!

Next were off to Ywam!!!

                      Written by Elissa Jeffers



Meet me {Elissa}

Hey, my name’s Elissa . I am so excited to start showing you guys my life!

I live in: Darwin Australia

I love: To go to my horse riding lessons & sing

I am learning the: Piano

My favorite colour is: Pink and turquoise

My schools name is: Marrara Christain College

Do I like school:  LOVE IT!!!!

My favorite subject is: English [monologues]

My parents job for the past 5 years is to look after ten indigenous girls, they go back to their community in the holidays. They live downstairs & we live on the top floor. Some times they stay for a while, others get really home-sick & leave straight away!

So next year we’re leaving Darwin for 6 months and heading to Chile & South America.

I guess you know a lot about me now! Come & see me when I have put something new up. BYE!!!!!!!!